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Emote for Sheikkh escort wrote:
But only time will tell. At present it looks like she made he right call. But that' s always subject to change. see the review
Chanting for Jovina escort wrote:
So she wanted your GF along to have a winggirl. I have no doubt that the friend and two guys would have put a lot of pressure on your GF to play around. see the review
Adriaens for Shanik escort wrote:
Based on not only this thread, but from my 8 years reading and replying to threads at LS, and in my own day to day experience over the course of my life,it is my belief that in fact she probably did know beforehand. see the review
Shotaro for Hataikan escort wrote:
GF told me it was work trip for friend and that her co-workers would be showing them around town. Then a couple days later it was seaside villa with 2 guys for the weekend. Now the "Italy work trip" lie by friend comes out today. see the review
Challenging for Festina escort wrote:
I do believe my gf didn't know about this and she told me about villa weekend. She could have kept that quiet. see the review
Dogears for Trasthe escort wrote:
This guy get her pregnant? Me seems to think so..............if not she will say it's his anyways. poor sap. see the review
Orphean for Serianna escort wrote:
It also sounds like she has a sense of humor with the "it could be interesting". see the review
Glottic for Thina Karin escort wrote:
So I looked on friends FB page and found this Italian guy. I knew his first name. I looked at his FB page. He is young good looking guy and lots of picture of him and crew partying and what not. I am sure they would be going all out to score with some hot American girls. see the review
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