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Classicist for Sini Maaria escort wrote:
Please don't think that the roughness or the real talk is sinister. It really is not. It is the reality being put forth without trying to gloss things over. see the review
Raydaly for Massilya escort wrote:
The OP has a lot going for her and I'm willing to bet that she is a good person. In the end no matter how it is put to her, we all want her relationship to succeed. see the review
Flyweight for Jenan Fawzi escort wrote:
Just playing devil's advocate here, but there was a recent male poster who shared his story of his life/marriage. He was still angry/broken up/resentful after MANY years of marriage because his wife had admitted to prior infidelity. Am I remembering this right? Anyone else know what thread I am talking about? This poster's point was that he really wished his wife had never told him because it ruined his life. see the review
Winesap for Kasan escort wrote:
Yeah it was Rog..Hope I didn't offend. But yeah, older gentleman with a old hippie wife from the sixties. Her excuse was that sex is like a handshake. I think the disconnect is different than here though. If my wife gave me another guys kid, and said well, the sex is just a handshake...I wouldn't have waited 30 years to boot see the review
Bipod for Federa escort wrote:
"Oh, but I love you and was honest about everything else..." Can only go so far. see the review
Unbelief for Djene escort wrote:
You keep repeating that you love your BF very much. However when you feel you weren’t being supported enough you go and have sex with another man and then call it a mistake after you realize how your CHOICES may have devestating consequences with regards to you relashionship with your BF. You need to tell him so that he can make his CHOICE as to whether or not he will continue with you. see the review
Oxazole for Kholuod escort wrote:
“Telling him isn’t the best thing to do. I should just forgive myself and devote myself to him.” see the review
Observing for Cibella escort wrote:
Back in the old days it was the party line to never confess. see the review
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